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It goes without saying that I love food and adore to cook. But the best part of it all is sharing. Exchanging recipes and notes, but most importantly - sitting down and sharing everything over a good meal!


There are pages and pages of cooking inspriation on my shelves, and although I do cook from those a lot (and will always credit the original author), often I will create a dish from a variety of different sources, making it my own. Cooking is my playtime.


Blogging about this does not make me an expert. Far from it, as I have loads to learn, but isn't that half the fun?! To ALWAYS discover and learn.  Our busy lives don't always allow us the time to chat about  great recipes we want to share. Here I can share my passion with you.


For me, labelling my diet doesn't work. I believe in listening to my body and eating a balanced variety of food. If I label myself as "vegetarian, vegan, paleo, pescatarian, gluten free, whole food" it means everytime I stray slightly from this, I beat myself up. I love recipes from all of these categories, but balance and flexibility works best for me. There is room for it all in my kitchen. (I of course understand this isn't the case for everyone, and I whole-heartedly respect that) For those who have restrictive diets, take what you like, leave what you don't, and add what is missing!

I also love fun and beautiful things for my home and started designing my own tea towels as a side project. So far, they've been really well received and hopefully this side of my business will continue to grow - only time will tell! 


To sum me up:


I believe in balance. I eat meat sometimes. I love vegetarian cooking. I like to be healthy but also indulge. I eat cheese. I eat wheat and gluten. I do cleanses. I ski. I love wine and beer. I'm honest. Often overly honest. Dinner parties are my favourite. Actually, travelling is my favourite.  I've lived in London.  I adore yoga.  I've lived in Thailand & the Middle East. I now live in Calgary.  I have a big family. I am easily distracted. I google a lot. I daydream.


I look forward to sharing my love of food & the kithchen with you.


j x



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