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Watermelon Mint Icepops

I've just returned from Maui, where the sun is shining, your days start early (by choice!), the cocktails are divine, and beach time is a part of everyday. You easily snorkel with turtles and if you're lucky (we were) you see whales breaching on the horizon. It's safe to say I'm missing summery coastal life! However, I'm sure my bank account is happy I've left the island, as it ain't cheap. Happiness comes at a price. Literally. $15 a Mai Tai.

watermelon popsicle

But no matter. Back at home and fully relaxed, I'm looking forward to warmer summer months rolling upon us. And when those days come (hurry up!) I'll be ready with these perfect little watermelon popsicles. Dead easy to make, and a nice refreshing treat. After work pick me up, post dinner treat, bribe your children with them, add some booze and you have a frozen cocktail on a stick!

Watermelon is mostly made up of, you guessed it, water. But it still packs some great nutrients and not to mention lycopene. The redder your watermelon is, the more lycopene you'll be consuming. I like to mix my watermelon with coconut water, light and refreshing and rich in potassium, it'll help re-hydrate you on those hot days. And the mint, apart from being a delicious addition, it aids digestion and is easy on the stomach.

There a ton of combinations for these popsicles, but here is an easy recipe to get you started. You could also omit the yogurt and put these is ice cube trays - great addition to cocktails.


*makes 6

1 small seedless watermelon

1/4 - 1/3 cup coconut water

1 tbs honey (more if you please)

7-8 sprigs of mint

1-2 tbs plain greek yogurt

tiny pinch of salt

tequila / vodka - totally optional

watermelon mint pop

There's 2 ways to put these together. 1. Pulse all ingredients in a blender and pour into your popsicle molds. 2. Add all ingredients into a blender, except the yogurt. Blend and pour into the molds. Then add drops of yogurt into some or all of the molds. I like this option as it just as another visual element. I also like to add a full whole mint leaves into a few of them. Your popsicle, your choice!

Freeze for 24 hours and enjoy!

watermelon popsicle

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